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THX Certified Home Theater Installer Trainings Are Back!

Great news for anyone who works in home design or home construction, is an audiovisual installer, or a home theater enthusiast extraordinaire! THX Certified Home Theater Installer Trainings are back just days away in 2024, and our first sessions are happening on January 12-16 in Las Vegas! Over four days, attendees go through all three levels and emerge as a home theater-building powerhouse — plus, it’s in Las Vegas during CES2024! Start with the THX Certified Home Theater level I training on January 12th, and jump-start or reinvigorate your career with an earned certificate and gained knowledge from the best in the business. Sign up here while spots last.

THX Certified Home Theater Installer training gives students the skills needed to design, consult, and help build a customers’ THX Certified Home Theater and all of the benefits and added value that come with it!

With THX Home Theater Training Level I- THX Certified Professional Advisor, attendees learn the fundamentals of what makes and goes into the design of a great home theater experience. This includes an overview of the world-famous THX method, an intro to home theater technologies, the fundamentals of audio and video concepts and calibration, immersive audio technology concepts, plus (everyone’s favorite part) component and speaker selection! Sign up today and be sure to secure your spot [insert link]

THX Training Level II – THX Certified Professional Integrator is all about room design. Once students completed and passed Level I, they’ll leave knowing the principles of sound isolation, acoustics, component layout and placement, electrical considerations, and tons more concepts and considerations needed to blow the minds of customers!

Upon completion of level II, students can attend THX Training Level III – THX Certified Advanced Integrator. This hands-on class tasks students with applying their knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios. Attendees will be tasked with incremental design and calibration of high-performance AV systems, component and seat placement, room modal analysis, and acoustic treatment design.

Ready to plunge into the exciting and fulfilling world of home theater design and construction? Register for our class in Las Vegas, on January 12, 2024!

For more information and a THX Home Theater Installer Program schedule, check our website and follow us on social media. We’ll let everyone know when to expect the next THX Home Theater Installer Program session!

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