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THX Certification Training Enrollment

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If your are ready to enroll in the next THX Level One seminar or Advanced THX Workshops you're in the right place.  Or if you are interested in future classes, register as a THX Certification Candidate to stay informed.  THX Certification Candidates will be given a login to this HAA Portal.  A link will be added on the right sidebar called "THX Enrollment" allowing the return to this page for future enrollment. Review your options below:

If you are already an HAA Member or returning THX Certification Candidate, please click here to login then return to this page and refresh it.

THX is holding the (Home Theater) Level One Seminar January 12th at CES at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas!  Level Two and Level Three Workshops are scheduled immediately afterward Jan 13-16 nearby in Henderson NV at the Sunset Station Hotel (near Las Vegas Airport).  Sign up for one or all three classes by selecting the your desired package below.  At Check-out select location "Las Vegas Jan2024".

        THX Level One Seminar

$650.00 USD

        THX Level One Seminar plus Level Two Workshop

$2149.00 USD

        THX Level One Seminar plus Level Two and Level Three Workshops

$3649.00 USD

        Level Two Workshop (requires Level One attendance within one year)

$1499.00 USD

Level One Required

        Level Three Workshop (requires Level Two attendance within one year)

$1499.00 USD

Level Two Required

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No Charge

* Joining as a THX Certification Candidate does not enroll you into a seminar.  By joining as a THX Certification Candidate you will have a login to the HAA Portal to return later.  This is a no cost and no obligation membership for communication and future enrollment purposes only.  Whenever you return to this site, a link called "THX Enrollment" will be added to the right sidebar allowing you to return you to this page to enroll in a THX class.  Your membership and the link will expire in one year.  You can cancel your membership any time by using the My Account link also appearing on the right sidebar after logging in.

If you are a CEDIA Member, THX Certification Candidate membership will also allow you to validate your CEDIA membership for a discount on advanced classes (below on this page).  If you are a current CEDIA member this validation should be completed prior to purchasing a class to receive the CEDIA discount.  Discounts cannot be acquired after enrollment to a class.



THX and HAA have always shared a common vision about technical guidelines and the value of understanding the science of home cinema acoustics.  In fact, HAA was originally inspired by a need to take the acoustical design requirements of THX into an advanced workshop setting providing more in-depth training for professional integrators.  The best practices and requirements of both organizations have always been in sync.  As HAA also partnered with CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) since 2020, the best home cinema training can be found in one place.

The new THX Level One is a great combination of fascinating information on THX and the fundamentals of designing a great home cinema.  It is highly recommended not only as an entry point for advanced certification for integrators but as a valuable primer for interior designers, project managers, sales staff, and anyone interfacing with clients pondering a home cinema.  It’s extremely interesting and provides necessary insight for anyone involved in the industry.

The THX Level One is an introductory seminar focusing on cinema design and acoustical fundamentals from the THX perspective.  It will also cover the contributions by THX to the advancement of video and sound reproduction in the consumer electronics world.  Created in 1986, THX is credited with bringing many of the design and calibration concepts it developed for movie studios and commercial cinemas to consumer products.  Many of the elements we find in current audio products were first introduced by THX.  It’s fair to say they revolutionized the sound quality possible in the home cinema.

In addition to the knowledge presented by the THX Level One class, students can earn THX Level One certification achieved by online testing.  Successful students will be allowed to use the THX Adviser logo in their business and be found on the THX Professional Installer database.  This also allows them to enter the HAA Advanced training track by taking the HAA Level Two and HAA Level Three workshops.  Successful completion of each workshop will earn students the corresponding THX Level Two then THX Level Three certifications and the right to use their respective logos.

Looking for Advanced THX Certifications?

If you've already taken the THX Level One seminar or want to immediately follow-up on the Level One with more advanced THX certifications, You can also register for more classes here.  All US based Advanced classes are held in Henderson NV (near the Las Vegas airport).  You'd need to plan on a trip to Las Vegas in addition to attending the THX Level One seminar at it's location.   We do offer the THX Level One as an option prior to most Advanced workshops in Henderson.

Advanced THX Students will be on a dual track with Advanced HAA students both attending the same advanced workshops.   Students in the HAA/CEDIA track are required to complete the CEDIA Online HAA Level One class.  Students in the THX track must attend the in-person THX Level One Seminar.  You can do both if desired and earn both HAA and THX certifications and the right to use the respective logos.  Completion of Level One certification testing is not required to attend the advanced workshops.  You can do the classes in the same timeframe one after the other; this is recommended for best "learning".

Achievement of all certifications requires online testing here on the HAA Portal.  Logos will be available on the members HAA Portal homepage for download after certification.  Access to certification exams, logos, and other resources on the HAA Portal is provided by your logging in to your HAA Portal account.  Items are added as you qualify for the various certifications.  Logins are provided immediately after registration or enrollment.

Are you a CEDIA Member?

Are you a current member of CEDIA?  Click the "Validate CEDIA Membership" link (right) to get their discount. If you don't see the link, log in or join as a THX Certification Candidate.  Do this prior to purchasing a course so you get the CEDIA discount.  Discounts cannot be applied after enrollment in a class.  If you already have an HAA or THX account, click here to login then return and refresh this page to see the validation link.  If you are new to the HAA and THX please join as a THX Certification Candidate member (above) to see the validation link.  This no-cost membership allows your CEDIA Member credential to be added to your enrollment account to initiate the discount.  Sorry, there is no discount for the THX Level One seminar.


Log In or Register as THX Certification Candidate to see validation link


If you have questions email us at admin@homeacoustics.net or give us a call at (618) 580-9556.

Terms and Conditions

Travel and hotel accommodation are not provided. Class start time is 9:00 AM, but the end time can vary. Typical end time is 5:00 PM.

Cancellation: In the unusual circumstance that the class is cancelled for any reason by the HAA or THX, refunds will be provided within 30 days of the cancellation notification. If the class is interrupted or postponed, for any external reason, the student will retain the right to attend a future class at no charge; no refund is possible. If the student elects to withdraw from the class within 30 days prior to the class date or during the class, no refund is issued. The right of the student who cancels to attend a later class is not guaranteed, but HAA will make every effort to accommodate the admission of the student to another class session.

Upon registration payment, you will receive a paid invoice for the class emailed separately. No other invoice will be provided.


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