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CEDIA and HAA Become Training Partners

We can now announce to the world that CEDIA and the Home Acoustics Alliance have joined forces, at least with regard to audio training. The first step in this partnership is the release of the new online HAA Level One course as part of CEDIA Academy. In the future, all HAA training will be presented in concert with CEDIA*. Besides the release of the new online course, all other training will be offered in the CEDIA training complement. The classes will still be presented by Gerry Lemay, but enrollment for the courses will be through CEDIAs website. We already have our first bundled course scheduled for May at CEDIA Headquarters which includes the new online course and in-person workshops. Look for more dates and locations soon.

HAA Updates

The next months will show a number of changes and improvements to HAA training. Next up will be the online version of the HAA Level Two class. Once complete, it will allow us to shorten the in-person requirement for HAA Workshops to three days including the TurboCal and Advanced Integrator Workshops. There will still be the full five days of instruction, but two of the days can be taken online. We hope to have the Level Two course online this summer. Until then, the Level Two will be offered as an in-person class. In addition to the online courses the training will delve deeper into high channel count immersive audio. We are currently also working on an HAA Level Four Workshop focusing on high channel count systems.

Online Level One Class

The new online Level One course is based on our famous HT1 in-person course, but there are big differences. One is the depth of the content. In order to fully embrace the spirit of the in-person HT1 course there is more detail. An important aspect of HAA classes is the pointing of the class by student questions. The online course anticipates this and as a result is a much more advanced discussion of many topics. It’s more like a Level One and a Half. For this reason, it’s highly recommended as a refresher for our alumni members. The Level One is more detailed in particular on Home Cinema Design and Immersive Systems. It thoroughly covers many elements that previously were only taught in the HT2 course. While it is still offered as an introductory lesson, the class is highly recommended for more advanced users looking for an update on HAA Design protocols.

Time for a Refresher

It’s been a long 2020. It’s time to sharpen the saw with the latest in Home Cinema training. For many of you, it’s been a few years since you’ve attended the training. For those who know the HAA, consider taking the new online HAA Level One class at CEDIA Academy. We poured our hearts into updating the training and we feel you’ll be pleased with the added cinema design information and detail. Click here to learn about the updates and how to enroll.

*Training in China will still be handled by our partners at Home Theater Technology magazine. For information about training sessions in China contact Lee Vinssen vecent2004@hotmail.com.

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