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THX Certified Home Theater Installer Trainings Are Back!

Great news for anyone who works in home design or home construction, is an audiovisual installer, or a home theater enthusiast extraordinaire! THX Certified Home Theater Installer Trainings are back just days away in 2024, and our first sessions are happening on January 12-16 in Las Vegas! Over four days, attendees go through all three levels and emerge as a home theater-building powerhouse — p...
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CEDIA and HAA Become Training Partners

We can now announce to the world that CEDIA and the Home Acoustics Alliance have joined forces, at least with regard to audio training. The first step in this partnership is the release of the new online HAA Level One course as part of CEDIA Academy. In the future, all HAA training will be presented in concert with CEDIA*. Besides the release of the new online course, all other training will be o...
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The Big Bet ….and other matters

Ahh ... CES again. 2018. A return to Mecca (aka Las Vegas) to get a glimpse of the future - and that we did - and more on that later. We were able to confirm a "trick" we thought we sensed last year. This year's experience assured us it was valid. The day before the show officially opens is called "Press Day". Some 5,000+ with "Media" badges crush into inadequate size ballrooms to hear eithe...
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The “Magic” of Proper Calibration and Design

In this article, I’ll try to explain what the secret ingredient is in creating an exciting and amazing sound system. For those of you who have attended the HAA HT3 Workshop or the earlier version of the HAA Level II, I don’t need to add hyperbole to my definition of “magic”. However, if you’ve not been with us during the class, allow me to explain that our results are generally amazing. This, with...
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Acoustical Treatment Primer: Diffusion

My discussion of acoustical treatments for home theater and media rooms now continues with a discussion of the most exotic of the treatments: diffusion. We’ll discuss the concept and how it can be implemented in a home listening room. In the previous article we discussed acoustical absorption. Here’s our definitions for treatment types: Absorption: Absorbing sound impacting the panel. It red...
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Acoustical Treatment Primer: Absorption

I remember years ago, when it was only the most adventurous of Enthusiasts who would delve into treating their listening room. The promise of better sound tempted many to head to the hardware store and buy some Owens Corning 703 then fashion their own panels (many still do). Of course, some used egg cartons and carpeting in those days as well. At the time, the most prevalent advice on adding treat...
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Acoustical Focus and Envelopment

One of the necessities of acoustical design and calibration is that of defining just what good sound quality means.  We can make numerous measurements but ultimately, our own ears are the final arbiter.  We judge the sound quality of a reproduction system by the satisfaction and enjoyment we feel when listening.  How can we quantify the essential metrics of creating a quality experience.  Often, i...
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Positioning Seating in a High Performance Room

Over the years many articles have been written and classes taught about proper seating position in a home theater or media room.  Most talk about mystical rules of thirds or some precise fraction of the rooms length and width for proper placement.  Others focus on the proper position of the listener as a point in an equilateral triangle.  I’m not writing to debunk any such rules but rather to expl...
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We are Home Theater Designers and Calibrators

The HAA is all about "Great Sound Through Science".  If you are looking for a community that is focused on high performance audio in the home environment, you've found it.  We've been in the business of high performance sound since 2001.  We are not an equipment or design sales company but our professional membership is filled with companies that are.  Look through our Dealer Locator for a pro nea...
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