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Information about building a home theater or media room.

Acoustical Treatment Primer: Absorption

I remember years ago, when it was only the most adventurous of Enthusiasts who would delve into treating their listening room. The promise of better sound tempted many to head to the hardware store and buy some Owens Corning 703 then fashion their own panels (many still do). Of course, some used egg cartons and carpeting in those days as well. At the time, the most prevalent advice on adding treat...
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Positioning Seating in a High Performance Room; Modes

In an earlier article, I discussed how front speaker placement affects listener placement. We learned that the sweet spot is actually a sweet triangle that is created by the use of a center channel in a home theater. The triangles position in the room is a function of the separation of the left and right speakers. Moving the speakers closer together pulls the triangle more forward and vice versa. ...
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We are Home Theater Designers and Calibrators

The HAA is all about "Great Sound Through Science".  If you are looking for a community that is focused on high performance audio in the home environment, you've found it.  We've been in the business of high performance sound since 2001.  We are not an equipment or design sales company but our professional membership is filled with companies that are.  Look through our Dealer Locator for a pro nea...
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