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Enrollment Procedure

HAA and CEDIA have partnered to provide HAA Training. Our first collaboration is the HAA Level One “online” Class. We’ll explain how to enroll below. We are also working together to provide more in-person advanced workshop dates and locations; click here to see the latest: Event Schedule Link.

The Level One (HT1) online course is only accessible through the CEDIA website. The HAA Level Two and Level Three (HT2/HT3) workshops’ registration is completed here.

To Enroll in an HAA Online Class

1) Register with CEDIA: If you are not already a CEDIA Member go to this CEDIA Registration Link (CEDIA paid membership is not required; free registration). You can also elect to join CEDIA as a full paid member for a fee. Either way, you’ll gain access to the CEDIA Academy. If you are already a member just use your existing login. CEDIA Membership is for Pros, CEDIA Registration is open to all.

2) Go to CEDIA Academy: Once you have access, log in to CEDIA.net and look for CEDIA Academy in the menu. Once you are at the CEDIA Academy page, scroll down and click on “Technical Courses”. You should find the HAA Level One Online Course in the list. Select it and follow the prompts to enroll.

Keep in mind, you can register for the in-person Level Two and Level Three (HT2/HT3) Workshops here and now, then register for the HAA Online course at a later time, but prior to the workshops. Final Level One (HT1) Certification is not required to attend the workshops, but you must be enrolled in the HAA Level One online class to attend. Please aim to complete the HAA Level One class prior to your workshop attendance to maximize your learning experience.

You can see future HAA workshops here on the HAA Portal using this Event Schedule Link.

To Enroll in an “in-person” HAA Workshop

Where are the enrollment links?

You need to be an HAA Member to see the enrollment links, but that’s quick, painless, and free to do now with no strings attached.

Signup as an Enthusiast Member or HAA Pro Candidate Member and return to this page to see the enrollment links. Click here to become an Enthusiast or HAA Pro Candidate. You will need to refresh this page for the links to appear.

If you are already an HAA member, be sure to log in and return to this page to see the workshop enrollment links. You will need to refresh this page for the links to appear.

This HAA Registration is necessary to link your email address to your workshop enrollment. See our Privacy Policy

Find an Event: Event Schedule Link

Class Pricing

  • HAA Level One (HT1) Certification Course (online class) $600.00 USD
  • HAA Level Two (HT2) Certification Course (2 day in-person class) $1499.00 USD*
  • HAA Level Three (HT3) Certification Course (2 day in-person workshop) $1499.00 USD**

*Requires HT1 prerequisite class within previous 12 months.
**Requires HT2 prerequisite class within previous 12 months.

Full CEDIA Members eligible for valuable discounts: Join HAA for free or log in to see enrollment links.

Courses are recommended to be taken back-to-back for best educational value. Certification at each level is not required to take follow on classes. You must retake the prerequisite classes to register for higher classes if more than one year has passed.

HAA HT1 Certification requires completion of the HAA Level One online class and successful online HT1 exam completion on the HAA Portal.

HAA HT2 Certification requires HT1 Certification, completion of the HAA Level Two class, and successful online HT2 exam completion on the HAA Portal.

HAA HT3 Certification requires HT1 Certification, HT2 Certification, completion of the HAA Level Three Workshop, and successful online HT3 exam completion on the HAA Portal.

HAA Certified Pro Memberships include a listing in the HAA Dealer Locator, professional profile, and access to private Pro resources. Memberships are renewed yearly at a cost of $49 per year. Non-certified Enthusiast memberships are always free. Certification at any level or the retake of a class provides a complimentary extension of HAA Pro Membership of one year. All HAA Certifications are subject to renewal by testing every five years. Enthusiasts are granted HAA Enthusiast Certifications but are not listed on the Dealer Locator.

In-Person Workshops

HAA will provide lunch each day. Travel and hotel accommodation are not provided. Look for the recommended hotel on the class information page it’s not unusual for the class to get together for dinner and socializing (networking) after the class. Class start time is listed on the website, but the end time can vary. On the last day of the HT3 class we try to be finished by 4:00 pm but this is not always true.

What to bring: Your personal acoustic measurement gear is NOT required though some students bring it for questions about its use. We will use the HAA Calibration Wizard iPad App during the HT2 and HT3 classes.

Cancellation: In the unusual circumstance that the class is cancelled for any reason by the HAA, refunds will be provided within 30 days of the cancellation notification. If the class is interrupted or postponed, for any external reason, the student will retain the right to attend another class at no charge; no refund is possible. If the student elects to withdraw from the class within 30 days prior to the class date or during the class, no refund is issued. The right of the student who cancels to attend a later class is not guaranteed, but HAA will make every effort to accommodate the admission of the student to another class session.

Upon registration payment, you will receive a paid invoice for the class emailed separately. No other invoice will be provided.