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Music, Movie, Home Theater Lovers Unite in the Search for High Performance Audio

Whether you are a lover of two-channel sound, home theater, or simply want the most out of your media room, the HAA can help you. We’re not asking for your money; Enthusiast membership is free. Our portal is designed to offer a venue for our AV Pros to reach out to Enthusiasts providing information and possibly providing you high end service. You can look through our Dealer Locator to find one of our Certified Members. Only Pro Members who are HAA certified will be found there.

We have been around since 2001 and have a world-wide contingent of Pro Members.  Help us build a community of Enthusiast members!  Our Forum is new too!  Ask questions, post your project pictures, and converse with like-minded folks who enjoy Hi-End Audio as a hobby or are in the serious search for optimizing their system or building a new one.  With your support we can build a great new resource to advance the state of the art in home sound reproduction.


The HAA is all about “Great Sound Through Science”.  If you are looking for a community that is focused on high performance audio in the home environment, you’ve found it.  We’ve been in the business of high performance sound since 2001.  We are not an equipment or design sales company but our professional membership is filled with companies that are.  Look through our Dealer Locator for a pro near you, or join our community as an Enthusiast member for free to get advice on our forums.  Help us build our new public portal by joining and participating.  Also, come back from time to time to read our expanding blog and see how our public site grows.  

Welcome to the new HAA Portal!