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Sign Wave vs. Full Bandwidth Pink Noise testing (1 reply)

Russ Wayant
1 year ago
Russ Wayant 1 year ago
It seems most, if not all auto correction EQ systems utilize Sine Wave testing.  However, the HAA course uses full bandwidth Pink Noise.  Why do auto correction systems employ Sine Wave testing?  Is it because of speed?  Is it cheaper or easier to employ? Is one (Sign Wave or Pink Noise) more accurate than the other?  What are the Pros and Cons of using full bandwidth Pink Noise vs. Sine Wave testing?
Gerry Lemay
1 year ago
Gerry Lemay 1 year ago

Hi Russ,

I assume you mean a sweep or warble tone.  These techniques are not necessarily faster given that each measurement requires a sweep but for an automated measurement may be easier to program and analyze. 

Steady state pink noise provides a continuous stream of data, facilitates real-time spatial averaging, and can fully energize modal response.  There are many arguments about all of these issues, but pink noise lends itself better to a calibrator investigating and hand calibrating a system.


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