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Criterias for being inside the sweet triangle (1 reply)

Jonas Johndal Hansen
4 years ago

I want to be able to calculate the sweet triangle and could use some input: What are the criterias for being inside the sweet triangle? I.e. how much can the SPL between each LCR differ in the given seat? I know this is not an exact cut-over value but what ranges would you create define?

My quick thoughts would be to do something like this:

0-1.5db: Perfect (Green)
1.5-3db: Acceptable but not perfect (Yellow)
>3db: Bad (Red)

Jonas Johndal Hansen
3 years ago

A follow up question for the pro's regarding the sweet triangle.

So width of the triangle is a function of speaker placement and speaker directivity. How will the directivity affect this? Assuming you use a speaker with a dispersion providing equal response at all seats. If I replace this with a speaker with even wider dispersion will that change the width of the triangle? I.e. both scenarios are within the speaker listening windows but the speaker in scenario 2 has an even wider dispersion?

My overall question is how the triangle approximation changes when speaker dispersion changes.

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