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Calibrating more than sub at the same time? (1 reply)

5 years ago
KHALID A 5 years ago

Hello Gerry,

One time I was calibrating the sub-woofer frequency for a customer who got 4 subs in his cinema.

Every individual sub got its own controller and QE callability.

For me to adjust the QE I need to inter through the web interface for every sub to make the same changes. Imagine doing that for different frequency in every sub It was annoying and time consuming.

So, my question here what is the best practice if you face more than sub and need to be adjust at the same time?


Gerry Lemay
5 years ago
Gerry Lemay 5 years ago
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Accepted answer

Hi Khalid,

My advice is to use a single sub output of your AVR connected to a DSP device like the MiniDSP 2x4.  Use a single input then route the signal to each of the subs.  From there you can control EQ simultaneously for all the subs: https://www.minidsp.com/products/minidsp-in-a-box/minidsp-2x4. &newtab The 2x4 DSP costs a little over $100 and will work well for this application.  I use the 4-way crossover plugin from miniDSP but you must remember to bypass all the preinstalled crossovers when calibrating it.  Also, remember to bypass or neutralize all the dsp controls on each sub.  I'd also investigate if you can slave the subs to a single sub to control all from one sub controller.  I've seen that capability on subs before.

I hope that helps!

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