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Do Home Theater Enthusiasts Listen to Music? (1 reply)

Gerry Lemay
3 months ago
Gerry Lemay 3 months ago

I'm thinking of topics that might be of interest to everyone, but this is something I'm interested in.  Do you listen to music in your home theater?  I do.  In fact, I use music as a reference to judge the sonic performance of home theaters.  One of the more surprising things students discover at any HAA listening session is that we use music as a reference during much of the calibration testing. So how do we get 2-channel music to play in a multi-channel room?

The obvious answer is to use Dolby Pro-logic or if you have the latest AVR, Dolby Surround.  You see that's another surprise for our students, it actually works very well if the system is properly calibrated.  Often after a grueling two days calibrating a home theater, the team often brings their own music and is astonished at how good it sound on a "home theater".  I've attached our Critical Listening Criteria which includes our reference tracks.  What do you like to listen to?



Adam Pelz
1 month ago
Adam Pelz 1 month ago

Like Gerry, I primarily use music during calibrations. Stereo tracks for the first phase of my calibrations, and then I have some multi-channel discs when I start stitching in the sides/rears/tops. Only at the very end do I start to use movies to verify sub levels and response, as well as envelopment from 3D audio systems. 

I would love to know what other calibrators are using for test tracks, and which of the Critical Listening Criteria they listen for. 

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