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THX-HAA Home Theater Certification Course June 24-28 Beijing China

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THX-HAA Training sessions are returning to Beijing.  The folks at Home Theater Tech (HTT) magazine are including the THX-HAA session as a featured part of their CIT2018 expo. This is a very popular class each year so please register early to make sure you have a seat.  Come join us for an exciting session discussing home theater, media rooms, immersive audio, and even 2-channel sound.    As always you’ll enjoy the latest information on small room acoustics and proper design and calibration techniques. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please register directly with HTT through Lee Vinssen (email below). You cannot register on this site.

Venue: Ya’ao International Hotel Beijing (address below map) Site Phone: (86)010-64874433  Contact: Lee Vinssen Email: vecent2004@hotmail.com
Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (end times vary, usually finished by 4:00 pm on last day)
Suggested Hotel: Ya’ao International Hotel Beijing
Hotel Address: No.1 Datun Road Beishatan Chaoyang District, Beijing
Hotel Phone: (86)010-64874433
Hotel Website: http://bwolympichotelbj.com/
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China, Beijing, Chaoyang, Datun Rd, 大屯路甲1号劳动大厦北京亚奥国际酒店

THX Techs have been asking for an advanced audio and acoustics class to follow up on their HT1 and HT2 classes… it’s here!  The new training, including a complete overhaul of the HT1 and HT2 classes, takes the best of both HAA and THX to make the finest audio training in the industry.  These classes are completely new!  With important discussion topics like Dolby Atmos, new acoustical treatment strategies, a new more effiencient calibration process, and more, This session will be fun and extremely useful for the Pro who wants to be the best.


  • In depth technical explanations geared for an integrator to become an expert or the expert to become the best!
  • Learn the latest state-of-the-art techniques to design acoustically perfected listening rooms including correct speaker, seating, sub-woofer, and acoustical treatment placement; there’s more here than just angles and rules-of-thumb. Learn to adapt based on the room!  
  • Follow-on support via the THX and HAA community and web portals.
  • True hands-on work during the Integrator and especially the Advanced Integrator Workshops.
  • Time tested and recommended training with new ideas for maximizing sonic performance: THX and HAA have been training integrators for many years. 
  • An introduction to professional listening techniques in the Integrator Workshop.
  • Extensive listening training in the Advanced Integrator Workshop.
  • Correct use of audio analysis tools (RTA, FFT, ETC) and use of the AVPro Report Writing Software.
  • Equalization training and, in the Advanced Integrator Workshop, actual calibration of a parametric EQ.
  • Small class sizes; Advanced Integrator Workshop is limited to 6 students.

HAA Calibrators are invited to come back to upgrade!  If you’ve always wanted to take the HAA Level II Workshop, you can attend the THX-HAA Advanced Integrator class.  Upon completion of the certification tests, you’ll earn both the HAA and the THX certifications and permission to use these logos on your website and business cards.  If its been over a year since you’ve taken the HAA Level I course, you need also sign up for the prerequisite THX-HAA Integrator class as a refresher and as a new source of valuable training; as an HAA Member you’ll receive a valuable discount based on your previous training.

THX-HAA HT1 Adviser Certification: This class teaches the fundamentals of proper Home Theater design principles along with an overview of important acoustical principles and terms.  It’s ideal as an introduction to small room acoustics for the pro, but it offers totally new insights on high performance design for more advanced students.  It’s also a must-attend class for AV sales people, project managers, and every integrator.  Enthusiasts are also welcome.  We’ll discuss professional design requirements for room construction and room layout including the proper positioning of seating, speakers, sub-woofers and acoustical treatment. There’s new ideas here that you likely haven’t heard about.  While the material is technical, the class will focus on creating a clear understanding using basic terminology and discuss ways for integrating proper acoustical design with modern interior design preferences.

THX-HAA HT2 Integrator Certification: This is an advanced how-to design/calibrate class evenly split between class room training and a hands-on workshop. While created for  integrators, it is great for designers, project managers, and even enthusiasts.  The class leverages the HT Design principles introduced in the HT Adviser class with more technical explanations and examples. It discusses acoustical principles to create a deeper understanding of THX and HAA design standards aiming to prepare the student with better problem solving skills. The class includes the HAA TurboCal Workshop designed to start you running with an efficient and practical audio calibration process; we will calibrate a live system during the workshop. Training high points include learning how to use an FFT and RTA analyzer, how to be a pro listener, calibration documentation, advanced sub-woofer calibration, speaker and seating placement, and designing a practical acoustical treatment strategy. Prerequisite is previous THX HT1 Adviser class attendance within the past year.  Don’t forget there are discounts for retaking classes for current HAA Members.

THX-HAA HT3 Advanced Integrator Certification: This workshop is an all hands-on session designed to bring all the prerequisite training to the test. This class pulls all the information and techniques from the prerequisite classes into a fantastic review and cements the concepts for the most complete understanding.  The student is teamed with no more than 5 others who are tasked to incrementally design and calibrate a high performance system. Nothing less than amazing results are allowed. The team is asked to complete the HAA PowerCal process including several eye-opening instructor led learning sessions conducted with your audio system. You’ll understand subwoofer placement, room modal analysis, speaker/seating placement and acoustical treatment design from both a theoretical and experiential point of view. Our rule is that nothing is changed without measuring and hearing the difference. This class will change your perspective on audio and open up a new opportunity in building high performance systems.  Prerequisite is previous THX-HAA HT2 Integrator class attendance within the past year.

What to bring: You are welcome to bring your laptop and test gear for tool specific advice, but it is not used in the class: Laptops and test gear will be provided.  Workshops use the AudioTools Audio Analysis package for iPad and the HAA Audio Calibrator Kit.

Lunch is provided but lodging and travel are not.  Cancellations are not allowed within 30 days of the event. Refunds are not possible but an effort will be made to accommodate you in the next available class within one year.

Signup as an Enthusiast or HAA Pro Candidate Member to be eligible to register. Its free, quick and painless. Click here to become an Enthusiast or HAA Pro Candidate.

THX Students who are already certified THX HT1 and only wish to take the THX-HAA HT2 and HT3 Workshops should contact admin@homeacoustics.net for approval.  The new HT2 class is mandatory for all prior students however a discount is available if you are already certified THX HT2. All prices are in US Dollars.

In order to qualify for discounts on class retakes you must be a current HAA member.

See pricing and packages by clicking the “Register” button below. For more information or to call with your questions contact us at (618) 580-9556  or email at admin@homeacoustics.net.

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